Smarty Practice teams up with Mindful Billing, LLC!


We’ve teamed up with Mindful Billing, LLC to offer a 2% reduction in their standard processing fee.

This amounts to 8% of collected reimbursements only, with NO minimums, NO copay commissions and NO monthly retainers.

Why outsource your billing?

Our friends at Mindful Billing wrote a “Top 5 Reasons” post about it right here.
If you’re in a hurry, here’s the 3-word version: Increase claim revenues.

Consider this sample cost-savings analysis:

Let’s say you have an average monthly reimbursement total of $2500 from 30 patient sessions.
Mindful Billing handles the task of expertly processing each claim, saving you hours of potential frustration and distraction from your practice.
Their regular fee is a steal at just $250. And with our group-rate discount, it’s only $200.

And just a few more reasons:

  • As a new practitioner you’ll allocate untold hours learning how to process claims. And even when you master the process, do you really want to spend time and energy on insurance billing?
  • Mindful Billing has some serious intel. Did you know, for example, in some states, patients without acupuncture benefits can receive your services under Physical Therapy codes?
  • Flat-rate processing fees are equitable and friendly to ALL practitioners – we love this! (We also love that Mindful Billing is an acupuncture-loving family – and yes, that’s a photo of their sweet family Anabel, Patrick, & 2 yr old Elias).
  • With the new “dry needling” codes and other changes you might not be aware of, Mindful Billing stays on top of this stuff like your tax accountant – they’ve got your back.
Imagine blasting the billing hassles out of your life forever, and letting Mindful Billing do their magic – all with zero upfront costs. They even cover all your eligibility checks for FREE, as part of their standard service.


Great! Sign up for this Add-On as part of your membership. You will then be prompted to the Mindful Billing application form.

Still have questions?

We highly recommend contacting Mindful Billing directly. Anabel is extremely knowledgeable and is happy to answer any questions you have!

Need in-network credentialing services? Reach out to us at or call (888) 575-0401.

Here’s a complete run-down of services:

Insurance Verification

  • Check eligibility and verification of patient’s health benefits from insurance carrier’s website and via phone
  • Report back within 24 business hours

Claims Processing

  • Process practitioner documents (CMS 1500)
  • Code records for maximum reimbursement
  • Follow strict carrier guidelines using latest coding guidelines (eg ICD10)
  • Review and submit to carrier in timely manner
  • Daily electronic claims filing

Claims Follow-up

  • Strong claims follow up on denials from Workers Comp, Commercial Insurances (Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, UHC, etc.)
  • Follow up on claims in a timely manner
  • Handle correspondence and denials within three business days

Patient Billing 

  • Patient billing per practitioner instructions
  • Superbill prep, Submission and Follow-up


  • Prepare logs report any important billing changes that could affect the reimbursement
  • Review changes in Fee Schedule and report back any changes
  • Report on possible compliance issues that could affect billing


  • Secure VPN Connectivity through 128 bit encryption as per HIPAA Requirement
  • Secure FTP server for transfer all scanned files for billing

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